Aromatherapy – The Solution to Avoid Insomnia

How to Use Aromatherapy for Treating and Avoiding Insomnia

Aromatherapy, a centuries old healing practice, is considered as a prolific solution for sleep. There is a slew of factors that cause Insomnia and make you sick, mentally and physically. Aromatherapy can help you get rid of Insomnia letting you wind out at night calming your mind and body. There are several curative procedures involved in aromatherapy for Insomnia that gradually works and delivers noticeable benefits.
Insomnia causes a lot of other health troubles like partial disorder functioning of the brain, hormonal issues, hypertension, hallucinations etc. Aromatherapy offers stability to the mind and body and bestows you with a calming effect when you need it the most during an Insomnia phase.

Essential Oils Effective in Avoiding/Treating Insomnia

You may have come across various health-promoting advantages of essential oils. There are many impactful essential oils available easily in the market that help you get adequate rest beating all the troubling factors. The mostly chosen and helpful essential oils for Insomnia are –
• Lavender Essential Oil
• Bergamot Essential Oil
• Vetiver Essential Oil
• Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
• Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
• Cedarwood Essential Oil
• Sandalwood Essential Oil
• Marjoram Essential Oil
These oils can be blended with any vegetable oil for topical use. You can rub the blend before going to bed. This will relax your muscles and nerves and help you get a comfortable sleep.
The combination of few essential oils for Insomnia can be tried on a regular basis or periodically to reduce the stress or anxiety or any other condition that become a hindrance in your sleep. Though Aromatherapy is not a sure shot solution for Insomnia or an option that you can blindly count on and expect wonders; it helps you to get tranquilized in the night and comfort your mind and body. Here is an effective essential oil blend to comfort you in the case of Insomnia or occasional sleeping trouble.

Components Needed

Roman Chamomile – 10 drops
Clary Sage – 5 drops
Bergamot – 5 drops


– Take a glass bottle and wash it properly with lukewarm water or simply disinfect it and let it dry.
– Blend the oil well in the mentioned quantity and store it in the clean bottle.
– Take a clean tissue and add few drops of the essential oil blend to it and keep it around your sleeping area. Below the pillow is the best option. This will calm you down whenever you feel restless and help you achieve proper sleep

For Diffuser

Roman Chamomile – 10 drops
Clary Sage – 5 drops
Bergamot – 5 drops
Add this blend to the diffuser and create a positive and calming environment
The RutaVala blend can also do the trick for Insomnia
You will need the ingredients like Lavender essential oil, Ruta essential oil and Valerian essential oil for the diffuser blend.
Lavender is a popular ingredient for making an anti-stress or calming solution. It promotes deep comfort and ease.
Ruta graveolens – The essential oil helps you have some control over your emotions and achieve the desired peace of mind.
Valerian essential oil is known for its relaxing characteristics.
The diffuser can be created an hour before hitting the sack to experience a comfortable sleep like a dream.

What is Insomnia

A perfect sleep is a string to bind your body and a good health. You may have felt the positivity in your charged up body after sufficient sleep. This is nothing but a healing process that revitalizes your body.
On the other hand, if you feel restless while hitting the sack and can’t attain proper sleep and this process is repeated over and over again – you are at a risk of Insomnia. The problems don’t end at Insomnia. In fact, Insomnia invites a plethora of health issues to degrade your health and nothing may do wonders when a specific line is crossed. Insomnia has different stages. Basic level Insomnia has a plethora of solutions like sleeping pills and aids but if the struggle to sleep becomes your everyday nightmare then the doors of your life open to invite a bunch of side effects and health issues.

Symptoms of Insomnia

• Staying awake until morning
• Once your sleep in interrupted, intentionally or unintentionally, you can’t sleep again
• Feeling stressed or low even after few hours of sleep
• Loss of concentration in the daytime
• Excess tiredness, drowsiness and depression during the daytime
• Turn into an early morning person
• Remaining irritated all day long

Factors that Trigger Insomnia

Insomnia doesn’t give you a surprise in a single day. It gradually eats you up within and its impact on your health and lifestyle can be seen on a daily basis. A lot of factors cause Insomnia. Here is the list of few important reasons that make you suffer from Insomnia –
• Too much medication
• Excess workload and a stressful regimen
• Having other sleep disorders like restless legs syndrome and circadian rhythm issue
• Noisy surrounding
• Too much bright environment that strikes the eyes
• Poor or uncomfortable bed or pillows
• Excess alcohol or tobacco consumption
• Excess caffeine intake
• Psychological issues
• Other medical conditions related to eyes, kidneys, respiratory organs and few more
Aromatherapy is no less than a priceless boon from nature that boosts the improvement process for many health conditions. The proper blend of essential oils is pretty impactful and it can surely beat the after-effects of your stressful lifestyle and relax you to a great extent. Benefits of Aromatherapy for Insomnia come without any side-effects. Have a comfy sleep letting the essential oil blend do wonders!

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