Bergamot Essential Oil – Nature’s Incredible Gift for Wellbeing

Everything You Should Know about Bergamot Essential Oil

Looking for a great aroma that creates positive vibes around and contributes to a great health?
Tried a line of essential oil but the magic is still lacking?
You can give Bergamot Essential Oil a try to please your senses and boost your wellbeing. The essential oil extracted from the peel of the citrus fruit of Bergamot plant is not only an essential component for the cologne industry but also an important part of the culinary and healthcare arena.

What Is Bergamot Essential Oil?

Citrus Bergamia or Bergamot tree is a well-known tree belonging from the Rutaceae family. The tree blossoms in winter and produces lemon-like citrus fruits that are used in the cosmetic, cologne, culinary and healthcare industry. The origin of the tree is considered to be South East Asia as well as Southern Italy. The fruit resembles lemons in size and color but the amount of oil extracted from the peels of Bergamot is pretty less and this fact keeps the Bergamot Essential Oil stand out from the group of other essential oils.


Bergamot Essential Oil is a rich source of Ponceritin, Neohesperidin, Neoeriocitrin, Naringin, Ponceritin,Melitidin, and Brutieridin. In line with the recent research, the oil is probably the only source of Melitidin and Brutieridin that are known as effective agents to control cholesterol. The oil is enriched with Polyphenols. Bergamot Essential Oil has copious benefits to embellish your life. When you got an authentic Bergamot Oil on your shelf, you may not want to keep the shelf jam-packed with other essential oils as you can expect several benefits from a single Bergamot bottle. Here are few amazing benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil that may make you go for the impulse buy.

Anti-Anxiety Solution

Bergamot Essential Oil is a blessing for aromatherapy. It calms down the functioning of nerves and provides a tranquilizing effect to your whole body which helps you relax during the pressure creating moments.

Helps In Digestion

Improper digestion causes a slew of minor and major health issues. Bergamot Oil boosts the digestive enzymes’ discharge and speeds up the nutrient absorption process.

Bliss for Skin

A range of skin troubles can be removed by including Bergamot Essential Oil in your lifestyle. The active properties of cicatrizant in the oil help you get rid of the dark spots and scars. The oil is also beneficial for oil-controlling.


You can use Bergamot Oil for a relief from cuts or wounds. Basically, the oil deserves a place in your first-aid box.


Consuming a little amount of Bergamot Oil on a daily basis and having an eye on your blood sugar level will reduce your worries regarding high diabetes. You can carry on the prescribed medicines parallelly.

Hair Growth Boosting Oil

Damaged hair or excess falling of hair can be controlled using Bergamot Oil. The antifungal property of the oil keeps dandruff away and your scalp clean. It also encourages the rejuvenation of dead cell and boosting the hair growth.

Cures Depression

Excess workload of unfavorable incidents in life usually causes sadness and depression. The gentle massage of Bergamot Oil on your head or oral use of the oil will offer you a great relief from depression.

Using Bergamot Oil

Bergamot Oil is a must-have in many homes. From everyday cuisine to dealing with minor and major health issues; the oil caters to a wide array of requirements. The oil can be used in different ways to accomplish a variety of purposes. Here are few primary uses of the Bergamot Oil that may help you polish up your lifestyle.

As A Beauty Product

The beauty routine is incomplete when you don’t have a fragrant product that helps in rejuvenating your skin and body without causing any side effect. Bergamot Oil has soothing and anti-grease properties that help you get a clean and blemish-free skin. Bergamot Oil can also serve you as a great skin toner and shower gel.

Instant Energy

You can use the oil in your tea or simply inhale it or diffuse it to get its revitalizing aroma that eliminates your low moments straightaway.

Aromatic Tool

Bergamot Oil can be used as a natural room freshener. Its citrus aroma keeps your environment fresh and fragrant.

As a Deodorant

Splashes of Bergamot Essential Oil endure your freshness level.

Side Effects

With pros, you have to tackle few cons as well while choosing Bergamot Essential Oil for a great lifestyle. Here are few primary cons of the oil –
1. It can be harmful for children and pregnant women : May cause the state or convulsion if consumed to a large extent by kids. Maybe, deadly as well
2. May cause irritation to the sensitive skin
3. May worsen or cause scabs, blisters, rashes and few other skin issues

Did you find the essential oil a helpful tool to go the extra mile?
Love it or hate it; Bergamot Essential Oil can’t be ignored after having a glance at its multiple uses and benefits. The oil gets you covered from all the ways and you can easily find it in your nearby stores.
Bergamot Essential Oil – Know It And Leverage It for a Great Wellbeing

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