Best Essential Oil for Acne Treatment

How to Treat Acne using Aromatherapy Easily at Home?

You will forget about those messy and painstaking home remedies for acne which you use in the form of Acne Face Packs, Face wash, Scrubs and other such deceiving and ineffective products, soon as you will read about, Best Essential Oil used in Aromatherapy for Acne Treatment.


Such Oil Extracts can be used in several ways:
1) Externally (On Skin)
2) Internally (By consumption)
3) Topically (Applying it on specific body parts)
4) Aromatically (Inhaling)
And we will talk about the fourth method, above.

Geranium’s Oil Extracts

Geranium’s Oil Extracts is suitable for all skin types. Its Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic and Detoxifying properties will produce sebum (oil) according to your Skin needs. This way your skin will stay moisturized and oil-free. At the same time, it will reduce the size of large pores on your face. Along with removing acne, it will also fight acne scars. Here, we are talking about.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil is popular for its healing properties

It has Antimicrobial properties, Soothing Fragrance and Antioxidant properties in it.
Lack of or incomplete sleep also causes acne. Lavender oil can indeed help you in getting a calming sleep.
Not only it will help you in getting rid of acne, but it will also remove the dark spots and scar marks caused by them.
Not everyone’s skin can fit in, with Lavender Oil’s Usage. Below you will find an oil blend, which makes Lavender Oil safe to use for Sensitive Skins.

Rosewood Essential Oil

Use the Rosewood Essential Oil stand tall with confidence:
It’s Antiviral, Antifungal and Antibacterial property will help you in dealing with boils, Pimples, blackheads, and acne as well.
In case you have excessively Oily Skin, you would need a ‘strong’ remedy for your acne problem. Here, Rosewood’s Oil will help you a lot.
Hence, we would say those who have Dry Skin type should not try to use Rosewood Oil solely. If you want you can blend it with Lavender Oil.

Orange Peel Oil

Orange Peel Extract’s Cleansing, Anti-bacterial and Antioxidant properties help you in getting a toned glowing skin. It would also promote the production of Collagen. If you use this specific Oil Extract it will act as a natural sunscreen for your face. This also makes it anti-inflammatory in nature, which is very helpful for those who have got an irate (sensitive) skin.
Try using it with Geranium oil by mixing an equal proportion of both, for best results. Use of wondrous Oil Extract’s name is Orange Oil is highly recommended for acne problem and brighter skin.

Tea Tree Oil

Oil Extract from Tea Tree will bring back your natural beauty:
When you will use it, its Anti-bacterial, Antifungal and Anti-inflammatory properties will not only remove your hair’s dandruff, with which many are afflicted but it will also stop your acnes from coming back.
Dandruff flakes are one of the main and hideous reasons behind causing acnes. If you use this, you will hit two birds with one stone.
At top of this, its anti-inflammatory property will shrink the acne-causing dirt and oil very well. Yes, Tea tree oil it way to go.

How to Use Essential Oils Aromatically?

Diffusers or Vaporizers

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You can adopt any of the following Ways to Use these Oils Aromatically, they are:
This will sanitize your surrounding from Acne causing agents. All you will have to do is pour some drops of your chosen Oil, into the water tank of your Air Diffuser.
And then get to inhale the healing vapor in the air around you.
In comparison to Vaporizer, Diffusers can be used for a prolonged time.
Allow it to enter into your face directly and effectively. You can either get yourself a Water Vaporizer; use it the same way as above.
In case you don’t have a proper Water Vaporizer, you can boil water in a deep pan. Soon as it would start emitting water vapor, pour some Oil into it.
In both the cases, don’t forget to cover your head and face with a towel so that the steam directly comes onto your face.
This way, your blackheads, and whiteheads will also get removed and your closed pores will get open.

Lastly, all the goodness of the oil will get a way to enter your face through those open pores. Even if you don’t touch your face with your hands.

Apply on Your Palms and Inhale

In case you are obsessed with Acne related articles. You must have read that if you touch your face with your hands from time to time, you make your face acne-prone.
You can pour few drops of oil on your palms, rub them against each other and then start inhaling.
If you want you can also take up help of your handkerchief, but this way your precious bottle of Oil would get finished quite quickly.
Hence, we would recommend you to use this method only when you are in a hurry and at the same time you want to complete your daily acne treatment schedule.

On A Tissue Paper

You can carry this in your handbag, when outside. What you can do take Face Tissues and drop few drops of your chosen Oil on it.
You are good to go, then. Since Face Tissues are quite retentive your Oil’s aroma won’t fade easily.
Again, it’s a ‘quick fix’ which you can adopt while you are in your workplace or vacation.
Could you tell us, which habits of yours, in your daily routine are responsible for blessing you with Acne? Want to know about it, take the ‘Acne Quiz’. Think carefully and then answer to get realistic results. You can form your own Home Remedies for Acne, then.

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