Black Pepper Essential Oil- Why and How to Use

Health Benefits of Black Pepper Oil

In this modern era, very few are aware of the fact that our kitchen has a solution of almost every disease and health problem. The Ayurveda is the proof of this where spices and herbs are used to treat illness. Black pepper is one of the widely used spices among the eclectic list that can cure multiple health issues. It is not only used to add flavour to your food but has also uncountable health benefits that include removing pain and aches, detoxing the body, indigestion problems, lowering cholesterol, enhancing blood circulation and much more. We have summarised a few benefits and the process of using black pepper oil in this article.
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What is Black Pepper Essential oil?

Black pepper, scientifically called as Piper nigrum, is a widely used spice, throughout the world. It is a dried fruit of pepper plant which is used to add flavour and tempting taste to the regular food. It is also used in medicines because of its anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.
The oil extracted from the black pepper is referred as Black pepper essential oil that consists of different healthy components such as pinene, myrcene, limonene, phellandrene, beta-bisabolene, beta-caryophyllene, sabinene, pinocarveol, linalool, alpha-terpenene and alpha-termineol, camphene. Alongside, this essential oil is also rich in minerals and vitamins like calcium, iron, beta-carotene, vitamin K, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and selenium.

5 Ways to Use the Essential Oil extracted from Black Pepper

There are many ways to get the benefit of Black pepper oil. The use of the oil varies according to your requirements. You can directly use it at the effective area to get relieved from pain or you can include in your regular diet to get rid of stomach related issues. Some of the easy processes to use this oil are mention below-

For Skin & Muscles

Having joints pain and rough skin is the major issue in the winter season. Black pepper oil is the saviour to get rid from all these problems. Just add 01 or 02 drops of oil with coconut oil, jojoba oil or almond oil and applies on the skin. This unique essential oil generates a warming sensation.

For Anxiety

Reduce the anxious feeling by using the oil in the. This process also aids respiratory conditions. You may also inhale it by taking few drops on a cotton cloth.

For Digestion

Add this essential oil to your salad, soup or meat to enhance the flavour of food and it also helps in digestion. It is the best solution to eliminate constipation.

For Emotional Support

Dilute one drop of essential oil and rub over the heart. This helps in resolving your emotional turmoil.

For enhancing energy

Daily apply 01 and 02 drops into the soles of the feet. This will increase the energy level and detoxify your body.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper Oil

Although there are numerous health benefits, we have mentioned a few to tell you how important the black pepper is-

Lowers Cholesterol

Researchers have found that consuming supplements that contain black pepper increased the level of HDL cholesterol and decrease LDL and VLDL cholesterol’s level. Including essential oil extracted from black pepper in your diet helps in reducing high triglycerides that eventually decreases the cholesterol level and make you fit.

Helps in Detoxification of the Body

Direct application this oil, increases sweating and also increases urination. Ultimately more toxins are thrown out of the body. It also reduces inflammation and swelling.

Contains Anticancer Activity

Various studies have been conducted to know the benefits of Black pepper oil that verified the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anticancer of black pepper. Peperine found in black pepper has a property of suppressing the production of human cancer cells.

Relieves Aches and Pains

The oil extracted from Black pepper has warming and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in reducing tendonitis, muscle injuries, and symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis.

Helps in Digestion

Black pepper oil stimulates the stomach to increase hydrochloric acid secretion that helps in proper digestion. It was also used to effectively treat IBS symptoms as well as bladder dysfunctions.

Enhance Circulation

Intake of Black pepper essential oil promotes healthy circulation and stimulates mucus and bile flow. To add the benefits, mix the black pepper oil with cinnamon or turmeric essential oil.

Reduces Anxiety Feelings and Cigarette Cravings

Irresistible carving for cigarettes and anxiety are the symptoms that arise when you plan to quit smoking. Inhaling fumes of diluted Black pepper oil helps in getting rid of these symptoms.

Word of Caution

Although it is a beneficial product, people are recommended to take some precautions as excess or improper use can also arise health problems. Excess intake of black pepper oil can leads to sleeplessness, loose motions, overheating, inflammation and irritation of the intestine, uneasiness and much more. However, there are no serious issues but it’s better to be cautious rather than regret. It is also recommended to avoid nose and eyes from pepper as it can cause burning of the eyes, sneezing, and irritation.

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