Cinnamon Oil: All You Wanted To Know

How to Make Cinnamon Essential Oil at Home? And its Uses

Cinnamon is a well-known spice that gives a unique flavor to various cuisines. But, have you heard of its other side? The smell of fresh cinnamon is fascinating and the oil extracted from True Cinnamon acquires surprising health promoting characteristics. Cinnamon has primarily Asian origin and the main countries producing fine quality cinnamon include China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Cinnamon Essential Oil is extracted from the bark or leaves of the Cinnamon tree that emits a tempting aroma all the time. You can relish the beautiful aroma of many types of Cinnamon found in different parts of the world. Ceylon cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon are the two primary types of Cinnamon that have an all-time high demand in the global market. Cinnamon Oil is considered as invigorating oil which provides relief from many health problems. Cinnamon Oil can be divided into two categories – Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil and Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil. Both the categories of cinnamon oils deliver similar benefits but the color and aroma differs.

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Proven Benefits

Cinnamon spice is a rich source of calcium, manganese, iron and fiber that have their individual health benefits. As a spice, cinnamon delivers just a part of its culinary and health benefits but as an essential oil, you can rejoice a whole ocean of benefits that makes the oil worth its soaring demand. The surprising benefits of Cinnamon Essential Oil are mentioned below.

Effective in Reducing Pain

Cinnamon is a great solution for ordinary body ache and headache. It is even preferred for chronic muscle and joint related issues.

Diabetic Care

The primary problem that all the diabetic patients face is the increased blood glucose level and the Cinnamaldehyde present in the Cinnamon Oil brings down the blood glucose level and keeps your pancreas healthy.

A Blessing For Digestive Issues

Unhealthy routine, rich calorie foods and many other factors give rise to the gastric problem. Cinnamon Oil has a miraculous effect on the intestine and stomach. Whether take it orally mixing few drops of the oil in your everyday diet or do a gentle massage on your stomach. The benefits will definitely surprise you.

User it as Mosquito Repellent

Cinnamon Oil has a plethora of direct and indirect health benefits. The presence of Cinnamaldehyde in the essential oil creates a shield around you that restricts the mosquitoes to cause damage to your health. Cinnamon Oil also deserves a special position on your shelf due to its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Relief in Arthritis

A gentle blend of any base oil with Cinnamon Essential Oil and heating it mildly can deliver a great relief from excess muscle and joint pain. Just do a gentle massage on the affected area on a daily basis and wait for the miracle to happen.

Healthy Kidney

Cinnamon Oil has a soothing effect on the kidneys. It removes the excess toxin from the kidneys and provides them extra life.

Happy Heart

Including a little amount of Cinnamon Oil or spice in your diet can cure many heart diseases. Apart from its artery benefits, it also lowers your blood pressure level and saves you from many severe health troubles.
Cinnamon Oil’s significant benefits can also be seen in the cases of depression, disturbed menstruation, seasonal illness, brain issues, low appetite, anxiety and many other health troubles.

A Great Essential Oil for Cooking

The magical aroma and flavor of Cinnamon are not hidden from anyone. Cinnamon oil extracted from the Cinnamon Tree leaves provide your food a mild yellow color while that extracted from the barks makes your food slightly reddish. The health boosting ingredients of Cinnamon oil increase your appetite and its digestive property helps your food get easily digested. Few drops of cinnamon oil in your diet can control your blood sugar, blood pressure and blood circulation. Other oils used in your everyday food more or less increases the fat level in your body while cinnamon oil, on the contrary, burns the excess fat present in your body and helps you stay fit.

How To Make Cinnamon Oil At Home?

cinnamon essential oil
Creating cinnamon oil at home is a duck soup for everyone.
All you need is
– A base oil, say olive oil,
– Cinnamon powder,
– A saucepan and a turner.
1) Add the desired amount of olive oil in the saucepan and let it heat a bit.
2) Add cinnamon powder in a right proportion to the olive oil heated in the saucepan.
3) Stir the blend for some time and let the solution boil.
4) Use a strainer and a piece of cloth to filter the solution and pour it into a bottle.
5) Let the solution cool down.
You got your authentic cinnamon oil at your home without spending big bucks.

Using Cinnamon Oil on Toothpick

Cinnamon Oil has another bright side that may be still unexplored by many folks. It can be used for flavored toothpicks. Soak the desired number of toothpicks in a glass or jar full of cinnamon bark oil and leave them there sealed for overnight. Now dry the soaked toothpicks in a cool place and use it as per your requirement to avoid the germination of germs, bacteria, and infection inside your mouth. This will also keep the bad breath away.

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