Essential Oils Blends Effective For Anxiety

Aromatherapy Solutions for Treating Anxiety

Life is like chess where highs and lows can be equally expected.
Stress and anxiety is a part of everyone’s lifestyle – some people suffer little while some people have to go for therapeutic solutions. How to checkmate stress and anxiety in a cost-effective manner in early stage? Well, the solution is definitely Aromatherapy. It is an ages old practice that cures a myriad of health conditions and discomforts bestowing people with a vigorous life.

Best Essential Oils to Fight Anxiety

Nature has provided a slew of ingredients that take care of all types of mind and body damages. Here is the list of effective essential oils for anxiety in children and adults that deliver positive results within a week or 2.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil is well known for its relaxing effect on the mind. Online help seekers surveys say that people usually search – how to use lavender oil for anxiety, whenever they need a trustworthy natural solution for basic or advanced level anxiety. The essential oil is beneficial when you feel nervous or encounter with panic attacks.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is also a great therapeutic solution for anxiety. It is usually blended with other essential oils and base oils and used topically or as a diffuser.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil works great for depression and anxiety. According to the research done in the past, Chamomile has similar properties as of anti-stress or anti-anxiety drugs. It relaxes the mind and lets you rest peacefully. The essential oil has a unique aroma which brings down your stress and reduces the overthinking. Many natural therapy experts consider Chamomile as a great anti-depressant and suggest to the anxiety sufferers when other conventional medicines don’t do wonders.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Yalng Yalng oil is usually used to create fascinating diffusers. It soothes your senses and offers you a tranquilized sleep. The essential oil can fight stress and anxiety effectively.

Aromatherapy Recipe for Anxiety

Blending different anti-anxiety essential oils relaxes your heart, mind, and body. Aromatherapy has proven benefits in terms of emotional responses. Using the essential oil blends as inhalers or diffusers controls blood pressure, heart beats and many other processes that suddenly get triggered when you are nervous or under immense stress. Many cologne acquiring anti-depressant ingredients have a similar effect on your senses. Sometimes hormones are also responsible for excess stress or anxiety and few productive blends of essential oils regulate these hormones and provide a calming effect. Here is a DIY essential oil blend to relieve stress and anxiety that is budget-friendly and easy to create.

Soothing Neck Rub Recipe

Components Needed
1) Lavender Essential Oil – 50 drops
2) Roman Chamomile Essential Oil – 10 drops
3) Clary Sage Essential Oil – 20 drops
4) Grapefruit Essential Oil – 70 drops
5) Sweet Orange Essential Oil – 30 drops

This DIY blend is pretty easy to create. You don’t need to try a rocket science method to prepare it. Just follow these simple steps and make your essential oil blend at your home only.
1) Take a clean or mildly heated amber glass bottle after proper washing
2) Pour each essential oil in the bottle one by one
3) Gently stir the blend
4) Mark it as Anxiety solution or something like that so that you don’t go for a wrong blend for anxiety
5) Keep the blend in a cool and dark place and leave for hours
You can use this blend as a roll-on solution, inhaler or diffuser according to your need
You can also try an easy recipe using different essential oils

Diffuser Recipe For Anxiety

You will need –
1) Lavender essential oil
2) Ylang Ylang essential oil
3) Chamomile essential oil.
Store this blend of essential oil in a glass bottle. Add a few drops to electronic diffuser gadget or in traditional way use heat-resistant mug and gradually heat it. The aroma of the blend will slowly spread in the environment and create a serene atmosphere to fight anxiety.

These easy-to-create essential oil blends or recipes can beat your everyday stress and anxiety competently and you don’t have to run to a doctor’s clinic or a high-end shop to buy stress-relieving products. You can try these blends and notice the results by yourself.

Everyday stress is pretty common in this busy and modern society. It is definitely a matter of concern but a bigger matter to worry about is ignoring the impacts of stress and anxiety. People usually overlook the symptoms like sweating palms and twisted jaw and keep on putting their efforts to achieve big milestones to embellish their careers. The symptoms are actually alarms that signify your body is going through a lot of exhaustion and you need to take an action soon.

These essential oils for treating anxiety prevent the onset of its complex stages. It’s better to stop ignoring these symptoms in the first place. Welcoming aromatherapy in life can help you survive in the every battle with the stressful regime.

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