How to Get Started with Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy for Beginners

All of a sudden, you have just got interested in Aromatherapy and being a Beginner this word might look intimidating to you. In simple words, ‘Aroma’ means a fragrant smell and here, ‘Therapy’ means Healing power or quality. It is a field in Medicine, where use of selected lotions and inhalants is made in an effort to affect mood and promote health.

How is Aromatherapy Performed?

This selected lotions and inhalants are nothing, but the aromatic ‘Essential Oils’, which fall under the category of ‘Herbal Remedies’.

Meaning of Essential Oils

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Essential Oils are derived from the natural extracts of various plants, trees, fruit peels and herbs etc. They are also known by the name of ‘Volatile Oils’.
To read a simplified version of Essential Oil’s Production Process, you can pay a visit to Internet’s favorite encyclopedia.

Why Choose and Use Aromatherapy?

One common thought about which people think of:
“I don’t think I need Aromatherapy and all.”
Seeing the word ‘therapy’ many end up thinking that, Aromatherapy is meant for the ‘ill’ or the ‘troubled’ ones. But that’s completely wrong and untrue.
The Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy are not just healers, they are protectors too. And we would say it’s always better to protect oneself, before the need of healing arises.

Uses of Essential Oils Aromatically

The Benefits of choosing Aromatherapy are many; see below and find out what all things you have been missing out:
• It can be used during Bathing.
• Besides this it can be put to Personal Use for:
Home Beauty Treatments – Reducing Anxiety and Stress- Meditation- Getting Good Sleep – Cleaning Homes- Purifying Room’s Air- Getting Rid of Sun Tans, Common Cold, Backaches etc.
Not only this, there are unlimited Advantages of Using Essential Oils in Aromatherapy.

All-Purpose Essential Oils

sandalwood essential oil
On visiting the link provided above, a Beginner’s mind usually boggles seeing the names of so many Oils. We understand. Hence to make things easy for you, here’s a list of All-Purpose Essential Oils having universal uses:
• Geranium
• Tea Tree
• Chamomile etc.

How is Aromatherapy Done?

• Out of the various Techniques of Performing Aromatherapy, the most popular and the most adopted Method is Aroma Diffusion.

• The Diffusion of Aromatic Oils can be done by:

o Essential Oil Electric Diffusers
o Ceramic Diffusers
o Reed Diffusers
o Aromatic Candles
o Potpourri
o Oil Diffuser Necklace
o Oil Diffuser Bracelets
o Pomander
o Oil Lamps
o Nebulizers etc.

Other than this some other methods are:
o Aromatherapy Massages
o Aromatherapy Sauna
o Aromatherapy Bathing
o Steam Inhalations
o Pillow Inhalations
o Tissue Inhalations etc.

How to Use Essential Oils Air Diffusers?

Diffusion of Aromatic Essential Oils into the Air is the most preferred and easiest method to Start with Aromatherapy. This can be done in two ways:

• Electric Diffusion
• Non-electric Diffusion

Every other Method mentioned above falls under the second Way, except Essential Oils Electric Diffusers, which is quite convenient to use. Once you give it a try you will know.

Earlier there were sponge-based Electric Oil Diffusers, where few oil drops was poured onto the sponge-pad. When switched on, the pad on getting warm made the air aromatic.

There are also fan-based Diffusers, where on switching on instead of heating up the oil the air of the fan simply used to diffuse the fragrance of Essential Oils.

Now, with water-based Electric Oil Diffuser Machines, All you have to do is:

• Put few drops of Essential Oil into the Diffuser Water Tank.
• Close it properly i.e. tightly, switch on the Machine and you are good to go.

A Good Quality Electric Oil Diffuser automatically gets switched off when water in the tank gets evaporated fully. They also run for long, this means the water doesn’t get evaporated in it quickly.

Besides Diffusers, we have Electric Nebulizers too. The functioning of both Ultrasonic Air Diffusers and Electric Essential Oils Nebulizer is almost same. But, one major basis of distinction between the two is that:

“Oil is not diluted in Nebulizers; this means you would get concentrated form of Oil Extracts to inhale. Unlike Ultrasonic Air Diffusers, nebulizers don’t humidify the air. “

How to Use Electric Aromatherapy Oil Diffusers?

essential wellness diffuser
Electric Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers are found to be suitable for Bedrooms, Office Cabins, Office Cubicles, and Family Rooms etc.

They don’t only humidify and sanitize air but also, they keep one’s skin healthy. If at night these Diffusers would help you in sleeping well. Then, at daytime, they would keep you all relaxed and calm, as beautifully as still water.

Placing an Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser isn’t enough. Just like Fish Aquariums should be cleaned occasionally. Similarly, it’s very important to clean the water tanks of Essential Oil Air Diffusers at times.

To know more about its maintenance and other important information while using it. One piece of advice, don’t forget to Click Here.

Being a Beginner at Aromatherapy you should be happy to know that now you are aware of almost all the Basics which every Pro knows. After all, every Pro was once a Beginner. Still, we think you should have a look at these interesting facts about Aromatherapy, as learning is an unending process.

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