Lemon Essential Oil – The Acne Chase Away Solution

How to Use Lemon Essential Oil for Skin

Is your stressful workplace schedule and unhealthy diet causing terrible acnes on your face? It’s time to find the right solution to stop the everyday subtraction of your beauty. How well do you know lemons apart from their mild and pleasing aroma? Well, lemons can be a blessing in your life if used as an essential oil. Lemon oil is widely known as a powerful anti-microbial solution that cleanses the skin chasing away the acne and other toxins from the pores. Using Lemon Essential Oil for Acne treatment is an inexpensive and promising option that cuts your everyday cosmetic cost to purify your skin.
Lemon oil can be used orally or topically and the benefits in both the cases are surprising. Include few drops of the oil in your diet and herbal makeup schedule and say no to the stubborn acnes forever. Let not your playful and hectic schedule become a hindrance to your beauty.

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil fights the bacteria spread on your face due to the pollution exposure. The question is what helps the lemon oil fight acne. Here are the ingredients that combat with your evil acnes and provide you clean and fresh skin that breathes.
• Citric Acid
• pH balancing property
• Ascorbic Acid
• Phytoncides
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin P
• Bleaching property of lemon oil controls the reddish texture of the skin caused by acne
• Astringent property for deep cleansing
• Controls the release of excess oil in the sebaceous glands

How to Make Lemon Essential Oil?

Why browse various holistic healthcare product portals when you can make pure lemon essential oil at your home only. People, who believe in DIY, usually search How to make Lemon Essential Oil and a long list of professional steps pop up in front of the eyes when you click one of the available links. No need to go the pro way.

• All you need to do is make sure you got fresh lemons, pure olive oil, container, strainer and a greater.
• Take all the lemons and grate their outer covering and put them in a bowl.
• Now take all the grated outer coverings of the lemons and fill it 50% in a glass container and add pure olive oil filling the rest of the 50% of the container. Transparent glass containers are a great option to hold this blend.
• With the help of a spoon, mix the olive oil and grated zest well.
• This mixture needs adequate sunlight and constant shaking to get blended perfectly.
• Filter the mixture using a strainer and pour the filtered oil in a fresh glass container.

The final oil obtained is your lemon essential oil that you can use for various purposes on a daily basis.

Lemon Oil for Skin

• Lemon oil aka Lemon Essential Oil for skin is recommended by many skin experts who believe in the competence of holistic healing.
• Lemon oil can provide adequate nourishment to your skin and fix various damages.
• Skin blemishes like patches and acne can be removed by massaging a small amount of the oil every day on the affected area.
• Lemon also improves your skin tone and offers you an oil-free glowing skin all day long.
• Lemon can be blended with yogurt, cucumber, cinnamon, sandalwood, sea salt, rose water and many other ingredients to get magical skin benefits.
• Lemon is a multifaceted organic ingredient that improves your aesthetic values along with the health promotion. Don’t worry if you got extra lemons in your fridge. You can use them to make essential oil and jazz up your life. Have a lemony day!

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