Most Useful Essential Oils & Their Uses

List of All Essential Oil and Their Uses

Aromatherapy is a well-known relaxation science which utilizes a huge list of essential oils. The traditional methods, practiced in aromatherapy , uses these oils for numerous benefits. Various disorders and diseases can be treated by using these oils.
Most of these oils are strong in nature so consult your doctor if you are allergic to something. All essential oils are not known to you due to their variety so here is a list to introduce you with most of these oils.

Allspice Essential Oil
allspice essential oil
You can use the AllSpice Essential oil to relax your body and mind. It is an antioxidant, antiseptic and relieves pain to keep you fit.

Angelica Essential Oil
angelica essential oil
It is a blood purifier, digestion enhancer, and toxin remover. Angelica Essential oil has many such health benefits for you.

Anise Essential Oil
anise essential oil
Rheumatism and arthritis can be efficiently treated with the Anise Essential oil. It restricts septic infections due to the purgative nature. Also, it removes gas and eases breathing for the person who is using it.

Bay Essential Oil
bay leaves essential oil
For neuralgia pain, Bay essential oil is a big comforting aid. It is also useful in restricting microbial growth, enhancing muscle strength, increasing hunger and digestion along with preventing hair loss.

Bitter Almond Essential Oil
bitter almond oil
This multipurpose essential oil kills germs and bacterias from the body. It reduces infections, inflammation effects and fever also.

Black pepper Essential Oil
black paper essential oil
This oil is best for our digestive system and for vanishing toxins from the body. It also increases perspiration.

Boldo Essential Oil
boldo essential oil
It is good for the liver. It kills and repels insects. Boldo Essential oil is also used in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.

Camphor Essential Oil
camphor oil
To help you out in the case of nervous disturbances, neuralgic pains – Camphor essential oil is the best solution. It also desensitizes and eliminates congestion.

Cinnamon Essential Oil
cinnamon essential oil
It acts as a tonic to mind and respiratory system due to its awesome benefits. Also, it cures the skin infections, blood infection, and its circulation issues. For healing of wounds and relief in pain, cinnamon oil has an effective history.

Clove Essential Oil
cloves essential oil
Clove is excellent for dental health as it cures toothaches, infections, and cavities. It also heals the respiratory problems, blood circulation, immunity, cholera, stress and purifies the blood.

Coriander Essential Oil
coriander oil
It reduces spasm, pain, and gas along with purifying blood, increasing libido and prevents fungal growth. Along with these benefits, it prevents infection and reduces fat.

Cumin Essential Oil
cumin seeds
It kills bacteria and promotes healthy digestion. It is also useful in bacterial infections, wound-cure due to its antiseptic properties.

Fennel Essential Oil
fennel essential oil
Fennel is a highly aromatic plant. It is used as a flavoring agent, increases appetite, gastric problems, effective in cough and cold. It is also helpful in the regulation of menstrual cycle.

Geranium Essential Oil
geranium essential oil
Geranium oil is used for hemorrhagic conditions, it is active against intestinal worms and parasites and also used as the deodorant as it eliminates body odour.

Ginger Essential Oil
ginger oil
Ginger oil is effective as an anti-inflammatory or antiseptic agent, it is used in an upset stomach or to stop vomiting. It also improves brain and memory function. It cures pain, protect from injuries becoming septic, stops nausea, and relax contractions.

Grapefruit Essential Oil
grapefruit essential oil
It fights the infection, stimulates the urination and reduces depression. It is perfect for freshening the mood of the user.

Hyssop Essential Oil
hyssop essential oil
Hyssop oil promotes quick healing of scars, it is effective in indigestion or regulation of menstruation and also works as a stress buster.

Jasmine Essential Oil
jasmine essential oil
For adding cherish to your mood and fighting depression, jasmine essential oil is the best. It also cures sexual dysfunctions and increases libido. You will find it useful in cough and in regulating menstruation.

Lavender Essential Oil
lavender essential oil
It is very valuable for the healing of issues of the nervous system urine flow, respiratory disorders, blood circulation, insomnia, pain relief, and immune system health.

Lemon Essential Oil
lemon oil
For recovering hair losses and strengthening gums, lemon essential oil is very useful. It also tones the skin and muscles. Using this oil with help you fight fever, infections and hemorrhaging.

Lime Essential Oil
lime oil
Ir prevents wounds from septic and viral infections, reduces fever and enhances the health and appetite.It also stops hemorrhaging.

Mandarin Essential Oil
mandarin essential oil
Mandarin is antiseptic as it increases blood and lymph circulation at the infected site and promotes regeneration of new cells, it also acts as a digestive, stomachic and a tonic.

Marjoram Essential Oil
marjoram essential oil
It has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic property. It also reduces pain,cure muscle spasms and cramps.

Mustard Essential Oil
mustard essential oil
This oil is perfect to boost the hair growth and appetite. It is also good in stimulating discharges.

Myrrh Essential Oil
myrrh essential oil
It is good for stomach health, helps in gastric problems. It inhibits microbial growth and in inflammatory conditions. Myrrh boosts immunity and it is used in rheumatism & arthritis.

Neroli Essential Oil
neroli essential oil
Neroli is effective against depression or mood like behaviors. It helps in reducing scars & after marks. It helps to improve libido or digestive problems.

Nutmeg Essential Oil
nutmeg essential oil
Nutmeg oil has analgesic property (which is helpful in relieving from pain) and it is effective in counter premature ageing. It also improves heart health & stops prostate enlargement.

Orange Essential Oil
oranges essential oil
This oil is a cure for sexual dysfunction and enhancer for the libido. It also protects against septic and help fight depression.

Oregano Essential Oil
oregano essential oil
It is a useful essential oil for regulating menstruation and heal the damages due to oxidation. Oregano essential oil also cures viral, bacterial, fungal infections.

Parsley Essential Oil
parsley essential oil
Parsley inhibits microbial growth,treat rheumatism or arthritis. It facilitates digestion and removes gases. Parsley oil is also used in hypotension.

Pennyroyal Essential Oil
pennyroyal essential oil
It is active against hysterical problems, it inhibits microbial or bacterial infection also acts as a insects repellent. Pennyroyal helps in hair fall or hemorrhagic conditions.

Peppermint Essential Oil
peppermint essential oil
Commonly used for pain aid, reduced milk flows, induce numbness, and discharge and many such things.

Pine Essential Oil
pine essential oil
It reduces the mental fatigue and takes care of the metabolism issues. Pine essential oil can also be utilized for the skin care.

Rose Essential Oil
rose essential oil
It helps fight with depression or boosts mood changes, to improve libido and cures sexual disorders. It also boosts liver health and improves digestion.

Rosemary Essential Oil
roseamary essential oil
It is an ultimate solution for anxiety, skin, mental disorders, hair and mouth care, headaches and many such issues.

Sandalwood Essential Oil
sandalwood essential oil
SandalWood oil is significantly useful in tightening gums and muscles, stopping hair loss and relieving its user from the fever. It also heals the wounds, scars, and marks very quickly.

Sage Essential Oil
sage essential oil
Sage oil has antifungal antibacterial activity it inhibits parasitic infections also. It reduces fever and cures cough and cold. Sage oil acts as a digestive & laxative, therefore, it helps to increase bowel movement.

Spearmint Essential Oil
sparemint essential oil
As the name suggest, this oil is used to kill worms and larvae with toning in the body. It also promotes the emission of discharges, controlling body odor and regulates the menstrual cycle.

Tansy Essential Oil
tansy essential oil
Tansy has anti-inflammatory, antifungal & antibacterial properties, it inhibits histamine release and gives relief from an allergic reaction. It also kills and repels insects.

Thuja Essential Oil
thuja essential oil
Thuja oil is commonly used in rheumatism and arthritis. It helps in alopecia (hair loss ) like conditions. It also relieves obstructed menstruation and regulates the cycle.

Thyme Essential Oil
thyme essential oil
It generally removes toxin or gives relief from rheumatism or muscle spasms . It helps to cure chest infection, cough and cold like conditions.

Vetiver Essential Oil
vetiver grass essential oil
Vetiver oil a very useful essential oil. It generally helps the body’s ability to heal itself, it increases the healing process of scars and enhances libido. It is nervine or sedative also.

Wormwood Essential Oil
wormwood essential oil
It is used to kill worms and larvae, also promotes secretion of discharges, works on body odorand an unobstructed menstrual cycle. It also enhances the tone of the body.

We hope this AtoZ list of Essential Oils of Aromatherapy will help you get enough idea about what is best for you.


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