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Mystical Breath Humidifier Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Product Description

 This wood color 3.7*3.9*3.7 inch is a little wonder among Aroma Diffusers due to the fact that it is corrosion resistant.

 This means that its 130 mL capacity container would not get rusted due to the pouring of essential oils in it.

 It is not only durable but is economical too as on adding few drops of essential oils in it would diffuse its aroma for not less than 3 hours.

 For the next three hours, you will not even realize that a diffuser is on, as it diffuses fragrance using inaudible Ultrasonic Vibrations.

 You can run it in any place which has a USB socket like on the inside of your car.

 Whether it is your Home, Office or Car it would scent and hydrate the whole ambiance with its Humidifier mode option.

 It evaporates vapor which is not at all hot, yes its nebulizer like effect never burns unlike other diffusers in the market.

Power Supply : 5VDC USB Port also can be powered by a mains
* Water Tank Capacity: 130mL
* Diffuser Weight: 130g
* Diffuser Size: 9.5 CM Height X 10CM Width
* Completely Noise Free
* Ultrasonic Vibration Diffusion Technology
* Six Months Warranty


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