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VicTsing Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser

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Product Description

 VicTsing Cool-Mist Diffuser can be conveniently kept any corner of the room or on top of any table or shelf, as it has a body dimension of 6.6*6.6*5.7 inches.

 This room could be your home’s Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Yoga Room; Spa etc.

 Due to its Ultrasonic feature, you will not get to hear any buzz or vibration in your place of work and concentration.

 It has a wood grain coating look on its body, hence a formal look is given to it very suitable for offices.

 You can easily take out its lid for adding few drops of Essentials Oils in the 300 mL water capacity container.

 This will continue for up to 10 hours, in case you forget to switch it off the Diffuser will automatically shut off.

 It comes with seven LED lights whose you can attune the brightness of those lights as per your wish.

Product Specifications:
Dimensions : 6.6 inches X 6.6 inches X 5.7inches
Product Weight : 14.4oz
Advanced Ultrasonic Technology : 2.4MHZ
Input power: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Support Lack Water Protection and Freeze or Fix Light Color
Working time : maximum 10 hours
Volume : 300ml

1 review for VicTsing Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier and Diffuser

  1. 3 out of 5


    This site is like a clrsasoom, except I don’t hate it. lol

    • :

      Thank you for sharing your straight forward opinion. Would you like to suggest some improvements to make it look less like a Class-room ?

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