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Woolzies Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil

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Product Description

Woolzies Lavender Essential Oil is the ideal item for your home needs. Be it as deodorizer or fabric freshener, this essential oil offers the perfect fragrance profile for the purpose. The 1 oz. bottle of 100% pure lavender oil is a good choice for aromatherapy use as well.

Lavender ((lavandula angustifolia)
is the perfect choice if you plan to use only one essential oil. With its versatile nature, this essential oil has a lovely uplifting fragrance that makes it the ideal base for other varieties.

Be it for your first aid kit, for instant pick-me-up, or for a perfume base, lavender oil is a great choice. With the Woolzies Lavender Essential Oil, you can relax your body, refresh your mind, and enliven your soul in a moment.

Soothing: When you want to calm your mind and attain relaxation, just use the inhalation method with the lavender oil. Its invigorating smell and calming properties also enhance sleep; just put a drop on your pillow before you sleep.

Whether it is about deodorizing your home or freshening up your fabrics, the Woolzies Lavender Essential Oil is perfect for boosting the scent and adding to the fresh feel. Follow the instructions.

Healing: With its medicinal properties, lavender oil is also right for treating insect bites and stings and minor bruises and burns. It soothes the skin and helps to heal the affected area. It also helps with your skin care needs.

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