Sandalwood Essential Oil – Leverage It and Go Alive

Sandalwood Oil – The Key to Beauty and Invigoration

For physical and mental upbeat, the centuries old Aromatherapy has many useful oils stored for you that help you ditch the expensive conventional treatments for various health issues and lead a revitalized life, going the natural way. Sandalwood Essential Oil is one of the most recommended essential oils used in the therapeutic procedures of Aromatherapy. Heavy doses of conventional medicines give rise to many side effects and complications in the process of curing one health issue whereas the use of sandalwood essential oil makes you stress-free and helps you to attain the desired harmony in your life. Sandalwood essential oil is grown in rare locations and it requires special climatic conditions for optimum growth. For obvious reasons the sandalwood essential oil price is a bit high but the surprising sandalwood oil Benefits and Uses will definitely make your purchase worthy.

sandalwood essential oil

How Sandalwood Oil Comes into Being?

In Hindu religion, Sandalwood Essential Oil is considered as an important element for various spiritual events as well as health and beauty routine. The calming woody fragrance makes the essential oil a great cosmetic product. The exotic aroma of the sandalwood tree inspires the manufacturing of umpteen sandalwood essential oil cologne products. The sandalwood essential oil is extracted from the heartwood, an essential part of the parasitic trees, of the sandalwood trees. The older the sandalwood tree is, the more oil extracting probability is there. The sandalwood essential oil extraction method is pretty expensive and therefore its market price stands tall all the time. The sapwood of the trees also generates oil but in comparatively lower amount. Apart from the endless beauty benefits, the sandalwood essential oil good for several health cravings.

Uses of Sandalwood Oil

Ages back, sandalwood trees used to exist in an abundant amount and therefore people back then used sandalwood to build furniture, temples and homes. With time, the aromatic trees proceeded towards extinction and a limited amount remained in few parts of the world like Asia and Australia. Nowadays, sandalwood essential oil is used for multiple purposes including skincare, cologne, treatment for respiratory issues, moisturizer, attaining sexual passion, improving psychological issues, accomplishing Hindu rituals, Aromatherapy, inhaling to eliminate everyday stress, home cleaning, home spa and then some.

What Benefits to Expect from Sandalwood Essential Oil?

Sandalwood Essential Oil has a long list of benefits that offers you a confident, beautiful and hale & hearty life. The primary benefits of the sandalwood oil are mentioned below.

Blemish-free Skin

One of the most important reasons for the excessive use of sandalwood oil in the cosmetic arena is that sandalwood essential oil blends well with all types of skin and reduces the dark spots, acne, dryness, scars, loose skin, wrinkles and many other blemishes to provide a healthy and smooth skin. The sandalwood essential oil’s exceptional benefits for skin are the reason for its excessive demand in the cosmetic industry.

Psychological Benefits

Sandalwood oil gingers up your mood when you feel low. The special woody aroma acquiring essential oil is often used in religious practices and is considered to generate a positive atmosphere that helps people around to avoid the impact of the negative energies from their lives. The sandalwood essential also eliminates anxiety and worries. It also efficiently brings down your blood pressure.

Health Benefits

When you have sandalwood essential oil at your home, you don’t have to worry about the everyday infection that arrives with you from the polluted exterior environment. Sandalwood essential oil heals minor wounds and cuts and provides a soothing effect on the inflamed area of the human body. A great relief can be anticipated from a general cough and respiratory problems as well by inhaling sandalwood oil. Sandalwood essential oil also offers relief in the case of muscle cramps, overweight, gastric, low immunity, high cholesterol, aging issues and to name a few.
The cosmetic and therapeutic benefits of the sandalwood essential oil make it a must-have on everyone’s washroom shelf. Sandalwood oil has benefited the mankind for centuries with its miraculous advantages and including the essential oil in the regimen helps you add few more stress-free years to your life. Live it up!


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