The Best Springtime Essential Oils To Look Forward To

Essential Oils: Spring Special

In the modern and increasingly technology focused world, most people have forgotten just how valuable their senses are. We have GPS to tell us where to go and medicines to heal our body. No longer are we completely in touch with using our touch, taste, sight or smell like we used to be. At least four of our five senses have fallen by the wayside.

One way to reignite our sense is with the use of essential oils. Not only this, but essential oils can heal our body and mind, promote harmony and balance and for many of us, lead healthier lives.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are as old as time. Even Jesus was gifted with frankincense and myrrh upon his birth. They have been used in many cultures extensively since ancient times, most commonly in places like Egypt, China and India.

Essential oils have been used for numerous reasons throughout the cultures including medicinally and more recently for aromatherapy.

The best part about essential oils is that they are from natural botanical sources. Oils are extracted from the leaves, roots, bark, and flowers of different plants.

Essential Oils Can Make Your Body and Mind Happy

The power of essential oils really is amazing.

With aromatherapy, the smell of the oil is carried directly to the brain which acts as an emotional trigger and stimulates the sensory system creating a direct emotional response. Each human has hundreds of olfactory receptors in nose, which are connected to the limbic system. The individual property of the oil promotes a different emotional response which can give a happy or calming effect for example.

Both science and medicine tell us that our emotional state directly affects our physical health. In clinical trials, a number of essential oils have been shown to lift mood and are effective at treating both anxiety and depression (source).

Positive feelings through the use of essential oils promote blood flow and increases the release of endorphins.

Using essential oils topically allows the medicinal properties of the oils to be absorbed through the pores of the skin and thus, move into the bloodstream.

Essential oils should never be used as pure oil on skin however, they should be mixed with a carrier oil (like coconut oil). Mixes of particular essential oils can aid skin ailments like burns and bruises. Many essential oils also have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The Best Springtime Essential Oils to Look Forward To

Although you may be looking for an essential oil for a particular reason, to lift mood for example, there are many essential oils which can help more than one particular ailment.

Like fruits and vegetables, as we enter different seasons, we can enjoy different essential oils.

Spring particularly is all about light and fresh, regrowth and renewal. You want beautiful fragrances that will lift your spirits and make you feel like we are coming out of winter. Citrus and floral oils are the best for this time of year and include:

Citrus Oils

Although not all citrus oils are recommended for topical use, they are filled with fresh fragrance and antibacterial properties, therefore, make excellent additions to homemade cleaning products for your spring cleaning marathons.

Bergamot Oil – helps relieve stress and anxiety
Lemon Oil – excellent disinfectant
Orange Oil – powerful anti-inflammatory and antidepressant
Tangerine Oil – excellent natural remedy for acne
Grapefruit Oil – relieves muscle cramps
Lime Oil – works well as an antiseptic

Floral Oils

The floral smell of these oils goes well with the new growth of spring. Many floral oils used in aromatherapy promote calm and relaxation.
Lavender Oil – eliminates nervous tension
Chamomile Oil – powerful anti inflammatory
Jasmine Oil – promotes relaxation and calm
Rose Oil – excellent antidepressant
Geranium Oil – balances hormones and relieves stress

Ways to Use Essential Oils

1. In the Shower – Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a hot, steamy shower for your own aromatherapy session.
2. Room Diffusers – Add your favorite essential oil into a room diffuser to not only fill your home with your favorite fragrance, but enhance your mood.
3. Surface Cleansers – adding a few drops of essential oils to homemade cleaning solutions (especially antibacterial citrus oils). Essential oils will not only kill bacteria on your surfaces but leave your home smelling wonderful.
4. Dilute and Rub into Wrists – Firstly, dilute your favorite springtime essential oil with a carrier oil, then rub into your neck or wrists. Lavender makes an excellent choice as the smell and absorption will promote a healthy body and mind.
5. Add to Shampoo – Chamomile is an excellent essential oil to add to shampoo. Not only will you have the aromatherapy benefits from your hot and steamy shower, but your hair will be left smelling fresh all day long.

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