Top 6 Uses of Lavender Essential Oil You Should Know

Lavender Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

The word ‘Lavender’ creates an imaginative world in front of the eyes where an exotic essence is dominant and a magical fragrance steals the heart away. Be it the scorching summer or chilling winter, the aroma arriving from the field full of fresh Lavandula or Lavender plants never fails to fascinate anyone.

A bucket full of lavender flowers near the bedroom is sufficient to offer you a deep state of repose and it lets you feel the spirit of the moment. Lavender is much more than its magical aroma. It has several curative properties that make it one of the must-haves in your natural health remedy list. Lavender makes you feel younger and rejuvenated. One of the best things about Lavender flowers is that you can rejoice their freshness for a long while as they take a long time to get dry.
lavender flower
The superior niche of Lavender in the lifestyle dates back to the ancient era when bathing practice used to be a special part of everyone’s lifestyle. Lavender was proudly used by the majestic divas back then to revitalize their senses and feel fresh for a long time. Even in the modern scenario, lavender spreads a positive vibe around and is considered as a strong element in the fragrance and holistic healing arena. Lavender essential oil has a miraculous impact on the skin diseases, respiratory issues, anxiety, pain and many other health issues. Let’s check out the uses of Lavender oil that makes it so special.

Uses of Amazing Lavender Oil

Exfoliating Agent

Lavender essential oil is an effective exfoliating agent. Lavender oil blends with a range of elements like rose oil or olive oil to deliver awe-inspiring exfoliating action. The blend fixes the dead skin cells and encourages skin cell regeneration. Lavender shower creams and soaps do the trick at a reasonable price.

Relaxing Property

Lavender oil can be used as a massage oil to eliminate the stress and anxiety. Direct inhalation of the oil also does wonders by taking its pleasing aroma to your brain and providing you a sense of relaxation.

Peaceful Sleeping

You can keep a bunch of lavender flowers on the nearest table from your bed or under your pillows and let its calming aroma take you to the fairyland.

Skin Nourishment and Soothing Property

Lavender oils can be used in winter to fix the chapped skin. It moisturizes your skin and removes the dryness. The oil can also be taken into the consideration in the case of cuts, burns and insect bites. It instantly reduces the pain and stops the skin from getting swollen.

Spa Benefits

Adding few drops of lavender oil in your everyday soaps, creams, and shower gels will help you stay refreshed for long. Creating a blend of lavender oil, Epsom salt and mildly hot water for the bath can make you feel like being in a spa.

Bad Odor Remover

No need to buy room or toilet fresheners every time when you got lavender in your garden or near your place. You can diffuse fresh lavender flowers and create your personal and natural room freshener spending no bucks.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Skin Benefits

Lavender and acne connection? Seems strange? But, it’s true. Many dermatologists and esthetician suggest the use of lavender oil to treat acne and other skin blemishes. Lavender oil removes the sebum gland’s infections and stops the acne to pop in and ruin your aesthetic value.

Urinary Disorders

The more you unfold the lavender mystery, the more benefits you discover. The lavender essential oil can also cure urinary infections and disorders by reducing the inflammation and pain in the bladders.

Respiratory Benefits

Ditch the antibiotics and conventional medicines to treat your basic or chronic asthma, flu, throat infections, cough, laryngitis and other issues that become a hindrance in your clear respiration.

Digestive Benefits

Lavender oil helps the intake to move properly inside the intestine and boosts the digestion process.

Boosts Hair Growth

Regular massage of Lavender oil on the scalp fights the causes of alopecia and encourage a healthy hair growth

Other Benefits

Lavender oil is considered miraculous in the cases like Breast Cancer, imbalanced blood circulation, Insomnia, headache, body ache and many other health issues

Including lavender oil in your lifestyle resists various health issues and helps you stay alive and kicking for long. Don’t just limit lavender to your cologne shelf; leverage its curative properties for a great health as well.

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