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Dear Guest,
Welcome to Avant Aroma, We spread the joy of Aroma.
Aromatherapy Write For Us
First of all Thank you for your interest in guest contribution at Avant Aroma
We love to publish guest posts from Aromatherapy Enthusiasts. New and interesting information about Essential Oils, Diffusers and Aromatherapy is what we are most happy to publish on our blog.
We also welcome the product reviews. However there may or may not be some fees the publisher have to pay.
The informative post written with a main motive of spreading awareness of Aromatherapy benefits will be happily published for free.

Topics of Guest Blogs We Accept

As we are a Aromatherapy Blog so, we accept blogs mainly and closely related to topics such as:
1. Essential Oils: Posts about various essential oils, their benefits and uses, Beauty tips interesting DIYs
2. Aromatherapy: In general about aromatherapy, How it is beneficial for human body and mind.
3. Handmade Soaps: We also publish DIY recipes of Handmade soaps, Benefits/Uses related and reviews of Handmade soaps.
4. Meditation: As aromatherapy and meditation complement each other, we like to spread information about meditation techniques, benefits etc.
5 Aromatherapy Diffusers: Traditional and Electric Diffusers

Guest Post Guidelines

1. Number of words in post must be minimum 800.
2. Posts must be 100% unique, high quality and engaging. Our readers are our biggest assets and providing them valuable information about aromatherapy is our sole purpose of this blog.
3. As a free guest we accept only informative posts. If you wish to publish promotional and marketing posts or product reviews then it will be a paid post. Please send us details to know the fee.
4. Posts must be grammatically correct with zero spelling mistakes.
5. By default the author bio includes one link to his/her website (main domain).
6. You may include one link to relevant article from your own blog /website provided it is not a new website and must contain relevant information.
7. Before you send us the written post, please send us the topic of the post. You will receive reply from us in 3-4 working days.
8. Once we agree on the topic, please submit your guest post. We will try our best to publish it as soon as possible preferably within one week. We reserve the right to reject/edit the post after (due to duplicate contents or poor quality etc) we agreed upon the topic.
9. You must have the license to the publish the photos you will provide us along with the post.
10. Please visit the post after its published to reply to the comments/queries by our visitors on your posts comments.

Method of Submitting Your Guest Post

Please email us your guest article at : info@avantaroma.com
Please write: “Guest Post” in Subject line
Inside the Email Please mention:
1. Guest Author’s full name and URL of author’s OWN blog
2. Post title (Please provide 2 titles : Post title and another for H2 tag)
3. Attach the post as a word file (.doc)
5. Please attach 3 photos:
1 featured image for post: pixel size: 770pxl X 300pxl
2 pictures to add with the contents: 200-400pxl X 300pxl
3. Author headshot and bio

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Email: info@avantaroma.com

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